Mavis Lok

Rummage | Ever step counts this summer!


by Bacardi

Collective work by

Mavis Lok & Zeynep Deniz Atacan

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Bacardi challenged us to create a physical activation with a digital element, to invite young people to Bacardi's #dowhatmovesyou campaign during the summer.


Summer's the time to be out. Yet, most of us spend our summers in offices, trying to make enough money to afford the occasional stolen moments to remember the summer by.



An event ticket platform that rewards users with Bacardi Bucks whenever they explore the city.

How does it work?

Activating Rummage

To activate, user needs to scan the QR codes under the caps of Limited Edition Bacardi bottles.

Once activated, Rummage gives a puzzle to find the closest Rum Truck, which will give the code for the next puzzle. The more Rum Trucks the user finds, the more Bacardi Bucks earned.

What to do with Bacardi Bucks?

Redeem Bacardi sponsored event tickets, cocktails and merchandise at Rum Trucks and events

To increase participation,
we launch a live event with Cardi B!

Bacardi will move Cardi B around the city in a party bus and have her perform in different spots. To find out where Cardi B is, one will need to solve the puzzle that’s posted on Bacardi’s Instagram Story. The puzzle will change as Cardi moves.